The Jasper County Jail is responsible for housing the criminals that are apprehended throughout the daily tasks of several Law Enforcement Agencies within Jasper County. The Jasper County Jail holds all Class B and above pre-trial inmates. The Jail is Commissioned through the Texas Commission on Jail Standards and is inspected annually. Our Jail has successfully passed each year without any deficiencies.

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division consists of (21) Jailers under the supervision of the Jail Administrator. Jail Lieutenant, Maurice Villasana, oversees building maintenance and food service to the 144 bed facility. Jail Sergeants, Paula Herrington, Michael Selph, Jason Wilkinson, Carl Barthol, and Laura Gordon oversee the scheduling and daily functions throughout each shift.

The Jasper County Jail houses inmates from surrounding counties under cooperative working agreements. This enables us to maintain a jail census to utilize all aspects of the jail which was added in 2002. We currently house the overflow of inmates from Tyler, Newton, and Sabine Counties.

In 2013, the Jail booked in 2,035 inmates and released 2,055 inmates with an average daily population of 94.  In 2014, the Jail booked in 2,102 inmates and released 2,092 inmates with an average daily population of 102.  In 2015, the Jail booked in 2,123 inmates and released 2,094 inmates with an average daily population of 114.