Criminal Investigations

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division (CID) consists of (3) Criminal Investigators and (2) Narcotics Investigators.  The Criminal Investigators can be reached during the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM during the week.  Lieutenant Morgan Downs is in Jasper at (409) 384-5417, Lieutenant Jason McClelland is in Buna at (409) 994-4778, and Lieutenant Ryan Cunningham is in Evadale at (409) 276-1440. Lieutenant Scott Duncan and K-9 Deputy Villasana cover the Narcotics Investigations for all of Jasper County and can be reached at (409) 384-5417.

The Criminal Investigators are challenged with conducting thorough investigations in crimes such as burglaries, homicides, assaults, and other incidents that may implicate perpetrators.  This includes collecting and processing evidence, interviewing witnesses and testifying in court.  Once the case is created, the information must be complete and accurate prior to submission to the District Attorney for prosecution.

The Narcotics Investigators are responsible for conducting preliminary and follow-up investigations of the Texas Health and Safety Code along with assisting other divisions and agencies on narcotic related offenses.  They are challenged with maintaining a low profile along with utilizing every aspect to eliminate as much drug manufacturing and deliveries within Jasper County.  This task itself utilizes many countless hours for the apprehension of each suspect.

In 2013, Investigators worked 1821 cases and cleared 1142 along with 217 narcotics cases.  In 2014, Investigators worked 1306 cases and cleared 809 along with 423 narcotics cases.  In 2015, Investigators worked 2369 cases and cleared 1624 along with 109 narcotics cases.