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The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing primary law enforcement duties to 35,710 residents who live within 970 sq. miles. We also provide support for the Jasper and Kirbyville Police Departments as needed through cooperative working agreements. Jasper County is approximately 72 miles long therefore we divide the primary coverage between two districts, North and South.

The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division consists of (10) Patrol Deputies under the supervision of Patrol Captain, James Carter. Patrol Lieutenants, John Cooper and Matt Ortego,oversee scheduling, quality control of duties and paperwork, field training, and vehicle maintenance/repairs.

In 2013, Deputies logged more than 676,749 miles answering 10,675 calls for service. In 2014, Deputies logged more than 601,651 miles answering 12,980 calls for service.  In 2015, Deputies logged more than 588,343 miles answering 11,801 calls for service.

Since 2o13, Jasper County has been blessed with a Mental Health Officer (MHO) and during the first year there were 171 contacts with 47 transports.  In 2014, the MHO logged 349 contacts with 92 transports.  In 2015, the MHO logged 326 contacts with 209 transports.