Deputy K-9 Leyla Introduction and Retirement of Deputy K-9 Baron

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is proud to welcome Deputy K-9 Leyla to our team. Leyla is a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois. She was raised and trained in Louisiana. Her handler is Lieutenant Christian Villisana.

They are currently assigned to the Patrol Division.

Deputy K-9 Layla

Deputy K-9 Leyla

Leyla is a tracking specialist, also trained in narcotics discovery as well as suspect apprehension.

Leyla has big paws to fill. After serving 10 years on Sheriff’s patrol, Deputy K-9 Baron was retired from duty this September. The Jasper County Sheriff’s Department will miss Baron. He is credited with many solved cases of missing persons, and has taken many dangerous narcotics off of our streets.


Deputy K-9 Baron


The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office K-9 program continues to be a positive program for the citizens of Jasper County.

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