The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office mission is to provide reliable, quality Law Enforcement services as Professionals, with Integrity, Morals, and Equality to the citizens and visitors of Jasper County. With the help of our citizens we can and will reduce crime in our county. In order to succeed in the delivery of these services the stated departmental goals must be achieved.
To act effectively as the service and enforcement arm of the judicial system;
To protect all segments of the community from criminal activities through innovative crime prevention and suppression techniques;
To provide for the safety and protection of the employees of the Sheriff’s Office by all reasonable means;
Preservation of the peace and dignity of the community;
Maintain our Detention Center in a secure and humane manner for those incarcerated;
Exercise diligence in the recovery of lost property;
In achieving these goals, progressive techniques and strategic planning must be exercised to maintain a pro-active posture.
In the achievement of this mission, the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office desires to provide a level of service that exceeds the expectations of the community. Through this mission, the Sheriff’s Office strives to continue to be a leader in the professional delivery of these services.

Mitchel Newman, Sheriff
Jasper County