Visitation Policy




In person, non-contact visitation for Jasper County Inmates will be Saturday and Sunday during the hours of 2PM and 7PM. Special visitation may be allowed with the permission of the Shift Supervisor, Jail Administrator or Sheriff.  Visitation hours will be extended to accommodate required visitation.  Each inmate is allowed 20 minutes during each visitation day.

Visitation Rules

  1. Visitor(s) must be on the inmates approved visitation list.
  2. Visitor(s) must present proper identification when visiting.
  3. No purses, cell phones or packages allowed in the visitation area.
  4. Proper dress code will be required of visitors. Mini-skirts, shorts, or revealing shirts are not allowed.
  5. Visitors who are previous Jasper County Inmates will not be allowed to visit inmates for 90 day from the date of their release from this facility unless visitor has written permission from the Sheriff or Jail Administrator.
  6. Upon an inmate’s request, the Sheriff or Jail Administrator may allow visitor(s) not otherwise authorized by this policy. The special requests will be approved or disapproved on an individual basis.
  7. Under no circumstances will jail personnel force any inmate to visit individuals that the inmate does not wish to visit.
  8. Children 16 years of age and under will be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or legal counsel.
  9. Former employees will not be allowed to visit unless they have  authorization the Sheriff.
  10. Persons currently on probation or parole will not be allowed to visit without special written permission from their probation/parole officer and the Sheriff.
  11. At the inmate’s guardian request he/she shall be placed on the inmate’s visitation list and be provided access to the inmate during regular visitation hours to be eligible to the inmate.  A guardian’s visit shall be in addition to normal visitation.  The guardian must provide letters of guardianship issued by a court before visitation with the inmate will be allowed.

Property left for inmates at visitation

  1. All incoming money for an inmate will be in the form of a money order or cashier’s check made out to the following:  Inmate Trust Fund (Inmate Name).  No cash will be accepted for an inmate.  The inmate will be allowed to have his/her families bring the following items:
    1. (3) white boxers, briefs or panties  (only 3 pair allowed)
    2. (3) white socks  (only 3 pair allowed)
    3. (3) white t-shirts
    4. (3) white sports bras
    5. (1) white thermal shirt
    6. (1) white thermal pants
  2. No other items will be accepted for an inmate.  A Jail Staff Member will approve all incoming property.

Attorney/Client Visitation

  1. Attorneys will be allowed to visit their clients between the hours of 7:00AM and 9:00PM with the following exceptions:
    1. during visitation
    2. during feeding
    3. during count
    4. during any emergency situation

Contact Visitation

  1. This facility does not allow any contact visitation under normal situations.  However, in the case of an emergency, the Jail Administrator, Chief Deputy, or Sheriff may allow for a contact visit.  This will be based on the emergency and availability of staff to insure the safety and security of the facility.

Emergency Visitation

  1. The Jail Administrator, Chief Deputy or Sheriff may allow an emergency visitation.  The decision will be based on the evidences of an emergency and availability of staff to insure the safety and security of the facility.